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Crystals with Silver Bar Straps

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Beautiful silver chain and Swarovski crystals Bra Straps. 4 mm diameter stones in each strap with alternating silver bar. Hypoallergenic nickel free silver. Width:1/8″, Total Length:17.7″ (including 4″ adjuster chain). Sold by the pair. Style R-T-011.

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If bling is your thing, you’ll love this rhinestone bra strap. Who doesn’t love sparkling rhinestones on their shoulders? — It is SO pretty and flattering! Whether you are dressed for a ball — or it’s Girls Night Out, these straps will turn heads and you’ll feel amazing! The straps are adjustable. They attach to any convertible and most strapless bras. With Ooh La Bra! you can let your bra straps show…beautifully!

These beautiful bra straps attach to any convertible or strapless bra will work. Find a bra that you love to wear. For the best look and fit, we recommend that you find a bra where the connector hoop is closest to the center of the cup (rather than near your armpit).

To attach the bra straps to the bra is easy! Simply remove the existing bra straps (if there are any) and insert the hooks of your Ooh La Bra! straps into the bra hoops.

The length of your straps can be adjusted from 14 to 20 inches. At the end of the chain, you will notice that there is a hook (similar to that on a necklace). Simply find the length that is comfortable for you, adjust the length and then tuck the excess chain into the backside of your bra. Nobody will notice it, including you!

Ooh La Bra! straps work with any strapless or convertible bra that has “loops” to insert the bra strap hooks. When choosing a convertible/strapless bra, it is best to use a bra where the loops are not too close to the arm pits, but closer to the center of the bra. Be aware – some bra manufacturer’s loops are almost under the arm.

Big busted or full-figure women can wear Ooh La Bra! straps. But we suggest you choose the wider strap styles for comfort and support. Any of the four-row products are probably best for you (Four Row Clear Rhinestones, Four Row Black on Black).

These straps are very comfortable. Just make sure that you leave enough room so you can move freely without putting any extra pressure on the strap when adjusting for the tightness and lift you desire.

It is recommended that you store your straps in the gift box that is provided to prevent damage that might occur with tangling or crimping.

These straps are meant to be jewelry for your shoulders. While they are constructed to replace your regular straps, we recommend that you wear them so that you can still move a finger between the strap and your shoulder (without pinching).

Ooh La Bra! Straps are sturdy and you should have no problems with them breaking with normal use. However, they can tear or separate if subjected to unusual stress or strain. Treat them as you would treat a necklace or other piece of decorative jewelry.

To clean your bra straps, use a soft damp cloth. If you use commercial cleaning products on any metal parts, make sure that the cleaning solution does not come into contact with the straps, as this can cause discoloration.