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We love wearing those sexy high heel shoes but how often do we hear, Why do you wear those? or How can you walk in those? or Those are not good for your feet. Let’s discuss some of the fun benefits of wearing them; WHY we love our sexy heels!

See if any of these fit into your line of thinking…

  • We love shopping for shoes!
  • Stylish looking
  • Makes you feel sexy, elegant and confident
  • Lifts your butt!
  • Creates a sexy walk
  • They look FANTASTIC with pedicured toes
  • They can change an outfit from “just okay” to amazing!
  • We love getting compliments on our shoes!
  • Enhances the beauty of your legs
  • Makes a woman taller – hold your head high and look ‘em in the eye girl!
  • High heels force the back to arch, pushing your breasts forward and your bottom out, which definitely accentuates the female figure
  • Wearing them throughout the day helps tone your calves and thighs – it’s a workout on the go!
  • Makes your legs look longer, slimmer and more shapely
  • Drives your man wild when paired with sexy lingerie
  • Wear them to look and feel sexy

All of these make us smile! We all know there are advantages and disadvantages to wearing heels. These are just a few fun reasons we enjoy wearing heels, whether true or not, it is just a matter of them helping create that feel good feeling we all love to have when we walk out the door!

Hey Beautiful!, enjoy your sexy heels and have fun wearing them when you do!